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Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to Architect of the Acropolis, Episode 3!

What begins as a disruption through the underground crime world quickly escalates into mega corporations vying for power.

An interconnected society that uses the Dreamscape has begun the stages of civilization's collapse. it is up to an unlikely group of people to come together and stop an imminent threat that could change the course of the world and maybe even the solar system.

Written and voiced by Clarence Lowe.

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Music Credits:

"Acrchitect of the Acropolis Theme" By Clarence Lowe


"The Cyberpunk Runner"  By 8Room


"Retro Wave"  By UranSound


"Cosmic Ambient Music"  By GraSil


"Solitude"  By Jahazzar (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


"The Cyberpunk Virus"  By 8Room


"The Cyberpunk Elysium"  By 8Room


"Trap Bass Hip Hop"  By Monkey_Style


"Dark Trap Hip Hop"  By cinematic_alex


"Hip Hop Dark Beat"  By Boom_Sound


"Dark Afternoon"  By HASoderberg


"Ghost Town Dark"  By AzatBeatz


"Cyber Hacker Vibe"  By 8Room